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      Can I download a manual for the lights?

      Of course! Please download the manual here.

      What do the batteries feature?

      • Built-in circuit protection cut-off @ 12v
      • Over charge protection
      • Over discharge protection
      • Over current protection
      • Short circuit protection
      • These units DO NOT require a balance charger

      What are the runtimes for Four4th Lights using Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries?

      Please view all Battery runtimes here.

      My light sometimes has a slight flicker when not moving?

      Because of the auto ramp up and down you do notice a flicker, it’s because the programme is constantly working and adjusting the power output to the LED’s this does change according to the ambient temperature. once sufficiently cooled the light will not flicker and will not be noticeable when riding.

      Whats the difference between white and green LED’s?
      White LED’s are brighter than green, slightly harsher and more bleaching whereas green is slightly softer not as bright but you get better definition in single track

      If you have any questions, feel free to email us on